EdMedia 2016 conference paper: Enhancing the Flipped Classroom Experience with the Aid of Inclusive Design

I am very excited to share this paper that I coauthored with Jorge Reyna and Peter Meier (UTS), which has won a Most Outstanding Paper prize at the recent EdMedia 2016 conference, Vancouver, Canada. 

Title: Enhancing the Flipped Classroom Experience with the Aid of Inclusive Design

Authors: Jorge Reyna, Yvonne C. Davila, Peter Meier

Conference: EdMedia 2016 – World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Vancouver, BC, Canada: June 28-30, 2016, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel

Abstract: Flipped classrooms are increasingly used in tertiary institutions to engage students in active learning tasks and foster independent learning skills. The use of technology such as digital video, screencasts and interactive presentations is impacting the design of flipped classrooms. This creates an opportunity to apply the principles of Inclusive Design in the planning, development and deployment of resources used to flip the classroom. The aim of this paper is to discuss the integration of Inclusive Design into Flipped Classroom interventions to cater for a wider range of learners. For this purpose, we reviewed the pedagogical foundations of Flipped Classrooms, the advantages and disadvantages of its implementation, and discuss Inclusive Design enablers.

“The flipped classroom approach is defined as a type of blended learning approach that moves new instructional content online which is accessed prior to class, making way for more student-centred learning in class. With this change comes a shift from teacher-focused transmission to student-centred active learning in the classroom …We have identified five inclusive design enablers that can impact learner experiences in a flipped classroom”


Flipped Teacher and Flipped Learner Framework (Reyna, Davila and Huber 2015)

Reference: Reyna, J., Davila, Y. C., & Meier, P. (2016). ‘Enhancing the Flipped Classroom Experience with the Aid of Inclusive Design’. EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Vol. 2016, No. 1, pp. 1789-1801. Retrieved from https://www.learntechlib.org/p/173190.

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